About Victoria

Victoria Pond reads and writes speculative fiction and fantasy with an erotic twist. Her short stories have been (or will be) published by Circlet Press and Sizzler Editions. She’s excited to be part of the electronerotica (it’s a word now, okay?) movement and uses her editrix’s eye on just about everything.

Her love affair with erotica began back when you could only read something speculative and racy if you turned to fanfiction. (As Tyrannist for Life of the Oxford Folklore and Fanfiction Society, she finds this upswing in original erotica to be an addition, not a substitute.) You can expect a lot of book review and research posts on her blog.

She lives in Seattle with a husband and a cat, and she sings with a Celtic bar band. On weekends when it’s not raining, she likes rollerblading on the beach.

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